Travel Destination: Redwoods National Park, CA

If you want to plan an RV vacation that you’ll never forget, set your GPD for the Redwood National and State Parks in California.  Here, you’ll get to stand amongst some of the oldest and tallest trees in existence today.  This magical place will amaze you with the incredible works of nature at every turn.  If you need an RV to take you there, browse the new RVs for sale at Youngblood RV Sales today!

Redwoods with Visitor
Photo credit: NPS

Places to Stay

The Redwood KOA Holiday campground is one of many places to stay in your RV around the redwood forest. This location allows you to easily book ahead by entering your RV and guest information in an online form to find the ideal campsite for your stay. The campground offers pull-through sites, full-hookup options, and plenty of amenities. Additionally, your campsite will be nestled within the beautiful wooded forest so that you can immerse yourself in nature during your entire stay.

Things to See

The mighty sequoias and redwoods are the main draw to this incredible National and State Park in California. According to the National Park Service, the redwood trees can reach staggering heights of 370ft, while the sequoias feature massive trunks and are the largest trees in the world by mass.  It’s easy to see why so many families take the opportunity to snap tons of photos while exploring the park because the sheer size of the trees is hard to describe.

Redwood Size
Photo credit: NPS

Tours and Other Attractions

There are plenty of hiking trails throughout the parks, but many visitors choose to participate in one of the ranger-led tours to get more information about the forest. There are local museums where you can learn about the area’s history and ranger-guided kayaking tours down the Smith River.

Redwood in mist
Photo credit: NPS

Make your dreams a reality this year!  Plan your trip to the Redwood National Park and make memories that will last a lifetime!  Contact us to find your dream RV today!

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